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Knowledge Base / How to: Ultimate Ironman
« on: December 06, 2018, 12:43:20 am »
How to ironman

Note: Any items you obtain from achievements you can put aside or sell to general store.

              Getting weapons
Melee Weapon
Stats → Smithing icon
Equip pickaxe → Mine 5 copper & 5 tin ore
Smelt Bronze bars → Smith Bronze scimitar

Range Weapon
Stats → Woodcutting icon
Equip Hatchet → Get 30 woodcutting
::shops → Sell 2 logs for coins
Stats → Woodcutting icon
Buy a knife → Fletch → 1 bow (u) → rest of logs Arrow Shafts
Stats → Crafting icon → Pick 1 flax → spin it → craft shortbow.
Map → Monsters → Chickens → Collect feathers → use on Arrow Shaft
Stats → Smithing icon → Mine copper & tin ore → Smelt Bronze bars → Smith Bronze arrow tips
Combine → Headless arrows with Bronze arrow tips

Mage weapon
Map Icon → Monsters → Chaos druids
Kill for Air runes and Mind runes
Map → Cities → Lumbridge → kill 4 cows
Stats → Crafting Icon → Tan hides → Make 4 soft leathers
Trade Master Crafter → Purchase 1 needle and 10 thread.
Craft → Gloves,  Leather Vambraces, Leather Body, Chaps

Stats → Smithing icon
Equip pickaxe → Mine 10 copper & 10 tin ore
Smelt Bronze bars → Smith Bronze Helm, Bronze platebody, and Bronze Platelegs.

Stats → Fishing Icon
Talk to Master Fisher → buy net → Fish shrimp

Stats → firemaking
Use the fire there to cook food.

Will update as soon as more items come into play for Ultimate Iron man

Knowledge Base / How to:
« on: December 03, 2018, 11:26:45 pm »
How to make a Fury

Items Required:
1 Uncut Onyx
1 Chisel
1 Gold Bar
1 Ball of Wool
1 Amulet Mold
20 Fire Runes
20 Earth Runes
1 Cosmic Rune

Levels Required:
87 Magic
90 Crafting

Once you have the required items in your inventory and the required levels; you can now use the chisel on the uncut onyx to form an onyx. Do not cut again.
Now you should proceed to a furnace and use the gold on the furnace.  A screen will pop up giving you options, from this screen you should click the onyx amulet that I have selected with the red box:

Once you have done so, use the ball of wool on the small Onyx to form a Onyx amulet

After crafting the Onyx amulet go to your modern spell book and select the Level 87: Lvl-6 Enchantment spell, that's shown accordingly down below:

After doing so select your onyx amulet afterwards & you will receive a fury amulet

Hope you enjoy your new fury!

How to make a Dragonfire Shield

Items Required:
1 Draconic visage
1 Antifire Shield

Levels Required:
82 Smithing

Once you have the following items and levels just combine them to make

Hope you enjoy your dragon fire shield!

Will add more items if players need help with any, just let me know in-game.

Knowledge Base / Donation Items Stats
« on: December 03, 2018, 12:41:28 am »
Donation Page 1

Torva set: $45 [$15 each]

Pernix Set: $30 [$10 each]

Virtus Set: $30 [$10 each]

Armadyl Set: $24 [$8 each]

Bandos Set: Top $8, Bottom: $8, boots: $5

Arcane Stream Necklace [$5]

Eagle-eye Kiteshield [$10]

Farseer kiteshield [$10]

Chaotic Kiteshield [$10]

Saradomin Sword [$10]

Korasi's Sword [$20]

Dragon Claws [$10]

GodSwords [$7 each] Except Armadyl Godsword [$10]

Tokhaar-kal Cape [$10]

Amulet of Fury [$5]

Saradomin Set: $24 [$8 each]

Bone crusher [$5]
Description: Automatically buries bones, if the item is in your inventory.

Donation Page 2

Spirit Shields [$20, $20, $50, $75]

Boots [$10 each]

Serpertine Helm [$10]

Toxic blowpipe [$10]

Abyssal tentcale

Rings [$5 each]

[$10, $10, $10, $25]

Third-age Sets [$40 each]

Donation Page 3

Chaotics: $5 each

Flameburst Defender $7

Charming Imp [$5]
Description: Automatically collects charms. If the charming imp is in inventory.

Potion of flight [$3]
Description: Allows you to learn the complexities of flying. Unlocks ::fly

Coffin of Damned [$3]
Description: Allows your character to move slightly faster. Unlocks ::ghostwalk

Knowledge Base / Player Information
« on: December 01, 2018, 11:40:15 pm »
Learn about yourself!!!
Need to change your account information or something in game that you want to see details about. Well here's how to do it the quickest way possible.

Go ::home and find the town tier guy & talk to him!

He will ask you would you like help with your account settings and if so what would you like to do? After clicking to contiune you can change any of the following options in-game:

Also keep in mind you can't change from a regular player to an iron man. Only iron players can demote to a regular player. Create a new one if you would like to be an iron man..

You have tons of information about your character the best place to do locate this information is two ways. The first option is go to the blue achievement tab! 2 to the left of your backpack. It looks exactly like these:

It tells you your account information such as your game-mode the amount you have claimed as a donator & my favorite the time you have spent online. :D

If you scroll down it tells you all the information about yourself you could possibly need. LITERALLY!!!! JUST LOOK!

Learn about others!!!

But wait if you like to be noisy and see what other players have been up to statistic wise you can type ::players and enter

Once you come up to this screen it will be empty all you have to do is select a player on the right & it will show all their information! It's fantastic, you get to secretly be noisey and spy on your friends who have donated, work for slayer points, pk points,  and see how far they are.

It also lets you add them to your friends list or ignore list if they get annying which i doubt there are players like that! We have a great community!

I hope you enjoyed a quick player information tutorial.

Knowledge Base / Setting Guide
« on: December 01, 2018, 11:18:47 pm »
The following image is a the settings menu. You can simply activate any of these options by clicking the circle near the option you would like to active. In this guide I have already done so to show you each and all of them to save you time.

First of, there's an option that is labeled "use new function keys" in the settings.
When you select the option to "use new function keys" it will change the functions that's shown in picture #1 to the new function keys that is shown in picture #2.

The next option is the "Display New Health Bars." which display the following above you and your enemies head:

The option "Display new hitmarkers" unchecked displays damage being dealt & sustaining damage dealt on the image to the left. The image on the right, "Displays new hitmarkers" being checked in the setting.

The "Enable Constitution x10" multiples the players health & damage by 10. So, when its applied it will look like the image on the left & when not it will look like image on the right. But it doesn't increase or decrease your actually damage or character stats. Just for looks.

"Display hitpoints above head" Shows your health above your characters head when in combat.

The option "Display Usersnames above head." shows all the players around you their name such as the following:

The option labeled "New Gameframe." changes your game from picture #1 looks to picture #2 looks.

The ones I didn't show are for developers only or I couldn't get a image for them.
If you have any questions please ask in game.

Knowledge Base / Rules
« on: November 28, 2018, 09:33:05 am »
1.  No flaming, taunting, harassing, or any form of disrespect towards players.
     1A. Flame statements are statements that are filled with angry, hurt, or resentful criticism or malice.
     1B. Taunting statements are statements that can provoke angry, toxicity, or wound someone mentally, physically and or emotionally.
     1C. Harassing statements are statements that aggressive and or using force verbally. Such as begging for items constantly.       

2. Do not Scam, dupe, or attempt to do so.
    2A. Scamming is lying about a price, subject, or such matter to benefit oneself or a group.
    2B. Dupe is a process to make multiple of one items or any items illegitimately that are in-game.

3. Report any & all bugs to staff members immediately. Any bug abuse or glitch abusing that affects the game will not be tolerated.
    3A. Bugs are physical or activities in-game that can provide help, extra resources, or even behave in unintended ways in the game.

4. No type of third person parties allowed.
    4A. Third person parties are applications that do the action for you in-game. That goes for auto-clicking, auto-typing, and botting.

5. No luring allowed
    5A. Luring is the attempt or will to attract someone in a dangerous zone to kill, hurt, or harm them with the intent to take their gear or gain satisfaction out of it.

6. All forms of RWT aren't acceptable. ( Real World Trading )
    6A. Real World Trading is the act of trading anything outside of the server. This includes but not limited to other servers, any type of game transaction that's not affiliated with this server, giving money via paypal or any wired transaction.

7. No Pk farming of any type. This includes but not limited too asking for a free kill & etc.
    7A. Pk farming is the result of killing your own character or another person with the intent of them\you losing intentionally.
    7B. Pk farming is the result of killing the same the person once a day, everyday for free or the intent of them\you losing intentionally.

8. No spamming is tolerated!
   8A. Spamming is typing more then 2 of the same messages consecutively.
   8B. Spamming is typing more then 2 messages consecutively. Please form sentences.

9. No defamation upon players & the server.
   9A. Defamation is false information placed upon someone or something to ruin reputation.

10. No advertising of any kind allowed on the server or forums.
      10A. Advertising is the state of giving props or drawing attention to another server and\or game.

11. Alluding players or tricking players to break any rules YOU will be punished.
      11A. Blackmailing is also accounted for in this rule. Blackmailing is the state of holding a grudge or a act that can be used to make someone do something against rules, illegal, or a malice action.
      11B. Any tricks and\or lies that will create another player to break the rules will get you in trouble.

If you break a rule and use the claim you didn't know it was a rule you will still be punished as you have had the chance to read them as everyone else.

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