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How to:
« on: December 03, 2018, 11:26:45 pm »
How to make a Fury

Items Required:
1 Uncut Onyx
1 Chisel
1 Gold Bar
1 Ball of Wool
1 Amulet Mold
20 Fire Runes
20 Earth Runes
1 Cosmic Rune

Levels Required:
87 Magic
90 Crafting

Once you have the required items in your inventory and the required levels; you can now use the chisel on the uncut onyx to form an onyx. Do not cut again.
Now you should proceed to a furnace and use the gold on the furnace.  A screen will pop up giving you options, from this screen you should click the onyx amulet that I have selected with the red box:

Once you have done so, use the ball of wool on the small Onyx to form a Onyx amulet

After crafting the Onyx amulet go to your modern spell book and select the Level 87: Lvl-6 Enchantment spell, that's shown accordingly down below:

After doing so select your onyx amulet afterwards & you will receive a fury amulet

Hope you enjoy your new fury!

How to make a Dragonfire Shield

Items Required:
1 Draconic visage
1 Antifire Shield

Levels Required:
82 Smithing

Once you have the following items and levels just combine them to make

Hope you enjoy your dragon fire shield!

Will add more items if players need help with any, just let me know in-game.

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