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Player Information
« on: December 01, 2018, 11:40:15 pm »
Learn about yourself!!!
Need to change your account information or something in game that you want to see details about. Well here's how to do it the quickest way possible.

Go ::home and find the town tier guy & talk to him!

He will ask you would you like help with your account settings and if so what would you like to do? After clicking to contiune you can change any of the following options in-game:

Also keep in mind you can't change from a regular player to an iron man. Only iron players can demote to a regular player. Create a new one if you would like to be an iron man..

You have tons of information about your character the best place to do locate this information is two ways. The first option is go to the blue achievement tab! 2 to the left of your backpack. It looks exactly like these:

It tells you your account information such as your game-mode the amount you have claimed as a donator & my favorite the time you have spent online. :D

If you scroll down it tells you all the information about yourself you could possibly need. LITERALLY!!!! JUST LOOK!

Learn about others!!!

But wait if you like to be noisy and see what other players have been up to statistic wise you can type ::players and enter

Once you come up to this screen it will be empty all you have to do is select a player on the right & it will show all their information! It's fantastic, you get to secretly be noisey and spy on your friends who have donated, work for slayer points, pk points,  and see how far they are.

It also lets you add them to your friends list or ignore list if they get annying which i doubt there are players like that! We have a great community!

I hope you enjoyed a quick player information tutorial.
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