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« on: November 28, 2018, 09:33:05 am »
1.  No flaming, taunting, harassing, or any form of disrespect towards players.
     1A. Flame statements are statements that are filled with angry, hurt, or resentful criticism or malice.
     1B. Taunting statements are statements that can provoke angry, toxicity, or wound someone mentally, physically and or emotionally.
     1C. Harassing statements are statements that aggressive and or using force verbally. Such as begging for items constantly.       

2. Do not Scam, dupe, or attempt to do so.
    2A. Scamming is lying about a price, subject, or such matter to benefit oneself or a group.
    2B. Dupe is a process to make multiple of one items or any items illegitimately that are in-game.

3. Report any & all bugs to staff members immediately. Any bug abuse or glitch abusing that affects the game will not be tolerated.
    3A. Bugs are physical or activities in-game that can provide help, extra resources, or even behave in unintended ways in the game.

4. No type of third person parties allowed.
    4A. Third person parties are applications that do the action for you in-game. That goes for auto-clicking, auto-typing, and botting.

5. No luring allowed
    5A. Luring is the attempt or will to attract someone in a dangerous zone to kill, hurt, or harm them with the intent to take their gear or gain satisfaction out of it.

6. All forms of RWT aren't acceptable. ( Real World Trading )
    6A. Real World Trading is the act of trading anything outside of the server. This includes but not limited to other servers, any type of game transaction that's not affiliated with this server, giving money via paypal or any wired transaction.

7. No Pk farming of any type. This includes but not limited too asking for a free kill & etc.
    7A. Pk farming is the result of killing your own character or another person with the intent of them\you losing intentionally.
    7B. Pk farming is the result of killing the same the person once a day, everyday for free or the intent of them\you losing intentionally.

8. No spamming is tolerated!
   8A. Spamming is typing more then 2 of the same messages consecutively.
   8B. Spamming is typing more then 2 messages consecutively. Please form sentences.

9. No defamation upon players & the server.
   9A. Defamation is false information placed upon someone or something to ruin reputation.

10. No advertising of any kind allowed on the server or forums.
      10A. Advertising is the state of giving props or drawing attention to another server and\or game.

11. Alluding players or tricking players to break any rules YOU will be punished.
      11A. Blackmailing is also accounted for in this rule. Blackmailing is the state of holding a grudge or a act that can be used to make someone do something against rules, illegal, or a malice action.
      11B. Any tricks and\or lies that will create another player to break the rules will get you in trouble.

If you break a rule and use the claim you didn't know it was a rule you will still be punished as you have had the chance to read them as everyone else.
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