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Setting Guide
« on: December 01, 2018, 11:18:47 pm »
The following image is a the settings menu. You can simply activate any of these options by clicking the circle near the option you would like to active. In this guide I have already done so to show you each and all of them to save you time.

First of, there's an option that is labeled "use new function keys" in the settings.
When you select the option to "use new function keys" it will change the functions that's shown in picture #1 to the new function keys that is shown in picture #2.

The next option is the "Display New Health Bars." which display the following above you and your enemies head:

The option "Display new hitmarkers" unchecked displays damage being dealt & sustaining damage dealt on the image to the left. The image on the right, "Displays new hitmarkers" being checked in the setting.

The "Enable Constitution x10" multiples the players health & damage by 10. So, when its applied it will look like the image on the left & when not it will look like image on the right. But it doesn't increase or decrease your actually damage or character stats. Just for looks.

"Display hitpoints above head" Shows your health above your characters head when in combat.

The option "Display Usersnames above head." shows all the players around you their name such as the following:

The option labeled "New Gameframe." changes your game from picture #1 looks to picture #2 looks.

The ones I didn't show are for developers only or I couldn't get a image for them.
If you have any questions please ask in game.

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